Injection mould Features


Injection molds for various plastic forms like bucket/pail of HDPE & PP(copolymerization or homopolymerization), others like Drinks boxes - household items – Kids toys – Electric Devices - The fittings for water and sanitation of PVC & PPR, ect.


1)Plastic products production, like the Buckets & Pails: All sizes (Small, medium and Large) Round Buckets and Pails.

2)Various Caps: with thread, snap on, stripped / unscrewed, flip top / hinged, pilfer proof.

3)Thin walled cup: base cup, PS cup and others.

4)Mold Steel for Core & Cavity:718H/S136/P20,ect.

5)Runner: Cold Runner / Hot Runner.

6)Cavity number: Single / Multi, Cycle Time, mold Life,ect.